Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to pay Council Tax?

Yes, on Residential Parks you will have to pay the appropriate rate of Council Tax as this will be classified as your main residence.  The majority of Park Homes are classified under Band A, the cheapest banding.  However, if in doubt please check with the local Council.


Are Children Allowed On The Parks?

Our Parks are specifically designed for the semi retired and retired with a minimum acceptable age of 50 years – on Acresfield Park the minimum acceptable age is 55.  Children are always welcome to visit but are not allowed to live permanently on these Parks.


Do Park Homes Retain Their Value?

Providing a Park Home, similar to any traditionally built home, is looked after and well maintained there is no reason why homes will not retain their value.  Park Home values generally follow the trends of the general Housing Market.


What Is The Monthly Pitch Fee For And How Much Can I Expect To Pay?

Every Park charges a Pitch Fee.  This monthly fee takes into account many things including a ground rent for keeping your home on a particular plot, the maintenance of communal areas on the Park including roadways and streetlighting, staffing, third party liability insurance, the list goes on.  Typically the monthly charges range from £125 to £205.  For Wyre Vale Park and Lodge Park the pitch fees include the water rates but excludes the sewerage rates which are payable to United Utilities.  For Gawthorpe Edge Park and Acresfield Park United Utilities bill the homeowners directly for both water and sewerage services.


How Are The Pitch Fee Charges Reviewed?

The review date for each Park may be different.  The precise date will appear within the Park Agreement.  The review process is strictly regulated.  In general pitch fees are reviewed annually and increase or decrease in line with the Retail Prices Index.


Are There Mains Services?

On all of our Residential Parks mains gas is available and homeowners are free to nominate the supplier of their choice. This is the same for electricity on all of our Parks except Lodge Park where the electricity is sub metered. Electricity on Lodge Park is supplied at cost and at a very competitive rate.


What Is The Expected Life Span Of A Park Home?

All modern Residential Parks Homes are built to British Standard 3632.  Newly manufactured Park Homes exceed the energy rating of most standard traditionally built properties.


Do I Have To Upgrade My Home After So Many Years?

No.  This rule relates to Parks with licences for holiday use and not residential.  Under government legislation homeowners who live on Residential Park Home Estates are afforded security of tenure for an unlimited period if the Park is freehold.  All of our Parks are freehold.  You cannot be forced to upgrade.


Is Finance Available For the Purchase Of A Park Home?

There are companies who finance both new and previously owned homes.  Unfortunately traditional mortgages are not available.  However there are other options to consider such as Part Exchange or Assisted Move Schemes.


What Are The Park Rules?

Park Rules are there to ensure the good management of a Park and to ensure the health and wellbeing of all of the homeowners who live there.


What Is The Written Statement And How Does It Affect Me?

The Written Statement under the Mobile Homes Act, known by many as The Park Agreement includes the provision of security of tenure for the homeowner/s and sets out the Park Owner’s obligations to the homeowner/s and their obligations to the Park Owner/s.  This is a very important document.  Owners on holiday parks do not have the benefit of these provisions which are important to secure and enhance your investment.


Is There A Commission To Pay When A Home Is Re-Sold?

Yes.  Under the Terms of the Mobile Homes Act 1983 the government brought in the commission payment scheme as a way of ensuring that pitch fees payable on Parks were kept to affordable levels.  The maximum charge is 10% of the full sale price.


Are Pets Allowed?

You  may move onto any of the Parks with not more than two dogs, or two cats or one dog and one cat—the dogs must not be of any of the breeds subject to the  Dangerous Dogs Act 1991—plus any pets or animals which are housed within a cage, aquarium or similar and which remain at all times within your home. Cats and dogs cannot be replaced when they die. The only exception to this rule is for anyone who requires a guide dog or an assistance dog.  In such a circumstance all that would be required is a letter from the homeowner’s Doctor confirming such a requirement and upon receipt written consent will be provided without delay.